Unz, Unz, Unz, Unz, my stomach gets so excited thinking about this place. Food is definitely greasy goodness. Decor, I don't really care when it's got food...

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This place is very clean for Chinese food.I ordered- Cherry Chicken- Mao Pao noodle with BeefThe cherry chicken is fantastic!!!The noodle is chewy and...

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1010 Bryant St
San Francisco, CA 94103
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We arrived before the place even opened, as in there was no wait. When I went to San Tung years ago, I waited over two hours outside in the cold. I wouldn't...
Hmm. Surprised so many people like this place. Yes, the chicken wings are amazing. But what else do they have? Also got the SO noodles - super...
The food here is SO bad! I had no issues with the service and I actually really appreciated the sarcasm they put into the menu and signs. It's unique! So...