Nojo Ramen Tavern

Saw this place on instagram and instantly bookmarked it, having no idea it costs $18 for noodles. However, the ramen was fantastic and it came with a...

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Nojo Ramen Tavern

Today was my first time at Nojo and I don't regret a thing! I went with my friend to catch up with her. She ordered the Chicken Paitan Ramen and I ord...

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231 Franklin St
San Francisco, CA 94102
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  • Ramen (Japanese)
  • Coffee & Tea (Food)
  • Seafood (Restaurants)
Checked this place out last night with a friend. So good! We arrived around 7:30pm and there was a crowd of considerable size waiting outside. I was...
My favorite ramen spot in SF. Something about their ramen style hits the spot. I've had the creamy, rich, thick and authentic broth of Mensho, the...
Not your typical Japanese ramen eatery. They have their own unique ramen dishes (mostly chicken based instead of pork) you won't find anywhere else and most...