Mac Daddy

Small little restaurant in Portrero. Seating is mainly at the bar, 2-3 tables inside , & a few tables outside They have a variety of unique mac n cheese...

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Mac Daddy

We had various M&Cs and they were excellent as was the curried cauliflower. Also, great service. They also have non M&C dishes but I am sure when I wo...

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1453 18th St
San Francisco, CA 94107
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In a nutshell: food 5/5, service 5/5, ambiance 5/5 Food is delicious, service is friendly, and they were playing some major throwback jams. I came here on...
I had high hopes for Mac Daddy but it didn't quite become the Daddy Mac. They have some indulgent varieties of Mac n Cheese that you can customize and the...
Wait - No Wait @ 3:30 Saturday Value - $13/dish Dish Size: Medium/Large South of the Border Mac - Similar to a Frito Pie but much better. The cheese is...