Mac Daddy

Small little restaurant in Portrero. Seating is mainly at the bar, 2-3 tables inside , & a few tables outside They have a variety of unique mac n cheese...

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Mac Daddy

We had various M&Cs and they were excellent as was the curried cauliflower. Also, great service. They also have non M&C dishes but I am sure when I wo...

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1453 18th St
San Francisco, CA 94107
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A coworker's son asked his dad "Dad, I want to go to a mac-n-cheese restaurant." "No, son. There's no mac and cheese restaurant." His son will grow up one...
Average mac 'n cheese. I had higher hopes for this place, especially since the pictures look so good and our server was great. We ordered the Truffle Mac...
Mac Daddy elevates the simple mac and cheese dish to a gourmet level, with a similar concept to Oakland's Homeroom but completely different execution. The...