Cuisine of Nepal

Cozy little restaurant with the nicest chef/owner I have ever met. The food was DELICIOUS !! We got the dumplings and chicken kebab - It was da bomb

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Cuisine of Nepal

I have now been here 4 times, over the course of several months.  Each time, the food is incredible. Each time, the service is stellar and friendly. ...

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3486 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110
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Amazing! Amazing! The cashew chicken curry reminds me a lot of like a chicken tikka masala but instead of like a tomato base almost reminds me of...
What a great way to spend my last weekend at Cuisine of Nepal; perfect for the cold weather before spring is here. There's nothing better than to try...
I just did Yelp's Eat 24 delivery from here. It was definitely one of the better options. Unfortunately, I only got appetizers and desserts, but I'll...